Free Analysis
Don’t be beat at key times
Stay on top of your advertising and make sure your feed is up-to-date and relevant. Any changes made at product level to pricing or stock will be instantly updated into your Shopping Ads.
Stop wasting money
Moonbow integrates with all e-commerce platforms so you can use your product data to better target your customers with real-time updates. We automatically update your product inventory & competitor alerts faster than any other feed provider.
Moonbow Boost
Moonbow Boost

You have the latest most relevant information about the state of your campaign. We update your feed in real time, and deliver you the up-to-date status and alerts.

Don't pay to advertise out-of-stock products. Not only it's a waste of money, even worse—it creates a negative company image in customer's mind.

Keep a close eye on your top selling products, make sure it performs in the best possible way.